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    Dinnertime Shows: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM • All Ages

    Latin Guitar Night
    With Miles Pearce and Humberto Sales.

    Tango Music
    With Miles Pearce and Matty Metcalfe.
    Flamenco Music
    With Vincent Zorn.

    InThe Kitchen

    Cesar Perez, longtime sous chef of The Whiskey Jar, and Yuliana Perez Vasquez, most recently of Keswick Hall, prepare family recipes from her native Veracruz and his home state of Puebla. Veracruz is on the coast and known for its seafood while Puebla is known for its chiles rellenos.

    “We want to bring Veracruz cuisine to Charlottesville that reminds us of home. The flavors from our grandmothers’ and mothers’ kitchens.”

    Photo: Tom McGovern

    BehindThe Bar

    Whiskey Jar veteran, River Hawkins, recently returned from a year in Yelapa, Mexico, managing the bar of a boutique resort. While there, he toured mezcalarias, tequila distilleries, and agave fields, and shares with Charlottesville what he learned, as well as unusual ingredients discovered in his travels. Half-Mexican and with eighteen years of barkeep experience, River also offers tasting classes about the the rich history, fascinating processes and unique beauty in a liquor most associate with questionable decisions made at some poorly lit dance club. Read his regular posts on liquor and life by clicking here.

    Photo: Justin Ide